9. The Battle of the Heat

Summertime.  When you think of that time of year, you might think, ‘No school’, ‘Beach trips’ or maybe ‘vacations’.  But another descriptive word that may come to mind is ‘HEAT’.  This battle took place in late August.  It was 93 degrees.  This was The Battle of the Heat.  

We had a total of nineteen people at this battle, which was the most since the infamous Battle of Washington Rebellion and the second most ever. We had all but one of our regulars in attendance, and General Orange Patrol had invited his friends Peter John and Luke who came for the first time.  General Garrett’s Dad came for the first time as well.  We played Elimination, Prisoner, Duels, and Free-for-All.  As the White Team and Red Team Generals and Colonels, we salute all of you brave soldiers who came out and braved the heat!

This battle was fun because Colonel Stingray (Me) and General Garrett both had bought Nerf Hail Fires, which we both used to great effect.


Some fun things from the day were:

  • General Jack and I faced off with Mr. Hollinger, General Orange Patrol and David.  I shot Mr. Hollinger and David and General Orange Patrol shot General Jack.  Brennen and I declared a truce shortly afterward.
  • General Garrett and I battled each other with our Hail Fires in one battle.  (Yes, he won)
  • General Jack promoted Grace to Colonel on the White Team.
  • We did unofficial duels for the first time, which was cool.
  • Luke was named soldier of the Month for August.  Congratulations, Luke!


All in all, this was one awesome battle!


~Colonel Stingray




About General_Stingray

I am the General of the White team, Stingray. I organize the Fallbrook Nerf Club battles along with my friend General Orange Patrol. I am a Nerf gun connoisseur and am proud of my collection. I'm tall, 5' 11", which makes me an easy target. At least my speed helps make up for it.

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    There were 19 people at the battle.
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