1. Never point a Nerf gun at someone’s face.

2. Wear safety glasses at all times

3. Wear modest clothing

4. Stay on the team you are appointed to during battles

3 thoughts on “Rules

  1. Orange Patrol, I think that we can take the “modest clothing” part down. We haven’t had any problems since that, er, day of Washington’s Rebellion…

    And we should mention on here that face shots, while greatly discouraged and considered “illegal”, count.
    And no arguing about which team that you’re assigned to, like we’ve had with you-know-who.

  2. blank General Orange Patrol

    Let’s just keep them the same.

    • Fine. Just trying to make it simpler so we can avoid those arguments that we’ve had every time. But, if you want to keep them the same, I’ll let you handle the arguments .

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