Meet the Leaders

General Orange Patrol

When Frank and I decided we wanted to have another Nerf battle at the beginning of 2015, we weren’t really prepared. But since then, we have learned a lot about working together (mainly the opposite of that) and holding these battles at Live Oak Park. We’ve had many trials along the way (rebellions, face shots, etc….), along with a fair share of disagreement and confusion, but overall, the Nerf club has improved greatly. My position of co-founder, organizer, and general can be stressful at times, but I do enjoy it. Because I have to live up to my name as a general, I have trained hard to become good at Nerf. I am usually the one who comes up with the rules who then revises them based on Frank’s thoughts, and I try to keep order so that everyone can have fun. I am the five star General of the Red Team, and I created it’s flag.

Ex-General Jack Pinson

During a few months in the summer and fall when Frank and I were taking a break, Jack filled in for him as General. Although he was officially General, Frank made most of the decisions and was his advisor. Jack Pinson is a good listener and tries to obey the rules. He is most often seen with his Slingfire, Flipfury, or Hammershot gun cocked and ready. Although not the fastest runner, he can sure hold his ground. He scored second place in the 2015 Nerf competition, so his skill level is high.

Colonel David Blackburn

We learned too late that no one should underestimate this steady fighter. With his humming Stockade in hand, he can fight as well as any adult. A cautious charger, he waits for the right moment to attack. One of his best skills are his chase tactics. When you are running away, he always is right on your heels ready to send a flurry of bullets at you. His greatest feat was the time he destroyed an entire team of five players.

Colonel Jeffrey