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We currently play:

Elimination (Team vs. Team)

Bombardment (some players avoid darts while running through a trench)

VIP (one team escorts a VIP to safety while the other team tries to assassinate him)

Single Bombardment (One player runs between all players)

Free for All (everyone against everyone else)

Prisoner (each team must free a prisoner)



15 thoughts on “Games

  1. Batray

    A proper free for all, no alliances.

    • General Orange Patrol

      Good idea. I forgot to mention that.
      -General Orange Patrol

  2. Spencer Williamms

    A duel. And Capture the Flag.

  3. General Orange Patrol

    What about we do three teams with 6 players each for Elimination? Assuming there were 18 players that came.
    -General Orange Patrol

  4. Daniel Taunt

    I told Frank at church today that we should do a game where one team has the area where you run through the rules, and the other team attacks.

    • General Orange Patrol

      Interesting. That’s sort of Elimination isn’t it? Just one team can’t attack and has to stay in the amphitheater.
      We’ll talk more this Saturday.

  5. blank General Orange Patrol

    How about “Prisoner”, where one member from each team is held captive and his team tries to rescue him.

    • “Prisoner” went well, I thought, but I still prefer “elimination” over “prisoner”.

      • blank General Orange Patrol

        I thought prisoner was more like Elimination than anything, but you just have to free the prisoner at the end.

  6. blank General Orange Patrol

    How about Freeze Tag?

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