11. First Anniversary Battle

This battle marked the First Anniversary of the Fallbrook Nerf Club. After celebrating this important day with a pizza lunch, we had several very intense battles. In attendance were the Blackburns, Harveys, Johnsons, Faelins, Bilsons, myself, and my friend David Spears, who came for the first time.

We did mostly elimination, along with some Bombardment and Free-For-All with teams of two. In elimination, the Red Team destroyed us in the first round, and we won the second round. In bombardment, only Reagan Bilson and Christian Blackburn ever made it through the tench without getting hit.

Jeffrey and I won the Free-For-All, facing off with Brennen and David S. at the end. I shot Brennen and Jeffrey shot David.

Other than a few tense moments between Christian and Garrett, this was one fun battle!


About General_Stingray

I am the General of the White team, Stingray. I organize the Fallbrook Nerf Club battles along with my friend General Orange Patrol. I am a Nerf gun connoisseur and am proud of my collection. I'm tall, 5' 11", which makes me an easy target. At least my speed helps make up for it.

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  1. blank General Orange Patrol

    It is worthy of mention that David Spears did some of the most acrobatic stunts ever done at the Nerf club.

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