5. The Battle of Charges

A Fast-paced BattleSilly Picture

Although we only had twelve people show up, this was one of the most fun battles. A friend of Frank’s came who hadn’t been there before, and my friend Nolan came as well.

I implemented a new strategic plan where we would run at the enemy all at once. This made battles quicker and more action packed. We fought in and around the amphitheater since the other areas were occupied so we had a lot of cover. First we did Elimination, and then us vs dads and another kid. Last of all we did Bombardment.

Famous Events:

Probably the most astounding action was when David shot our entire team. We had charged at Mr. O’Connor and Daniel and shot them, but David picked us off one by one when we weren’t looking.

Another time, Ben and I were the only ones left, and we were against each other. I positioned myself behind cover, but he was out in the open. After he used up his last bullet, I chased him and finally shot him.

I am glad that we had such a beautiful day to play Nerf Tag!

-General Orange Patrol


About General Orange Patrol

I am the General of the Red team, Orange Patrol. I organize the Fallbrook Nerf Club battles along with my friend General Stingray.

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  1. That was a very fun day!

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