April Battle Photo Gallery

IMG_4789 Cropped

Nina was Soldier Of The Month

IMG_4763 cropped

Jeffrey, Brennen, Garrett, and David.

IMG_4771 Edited

David guarding the bench

IMG_4777 Edited

Mr. O’Connor, Brennen, and Dara.

IMG_4781 Cropped

Nina with the Hail Fire guarding the boulders

April2016 Group

Group silly photo

IMG_4774 Cropped

Mr. Faelin calls the shots

IMG_4767 Cropped

Christian, Nina, and Brennen head to their positions.

IMG_4773 Cropped

Garrett guards the tree

IMG_4775 Cropped

Christian checks the ammo in his Crossbolt


About General_Stingray

I am the General of the White team, Stingray. I organize the Fallbrook Nerf Club battles along with my friend General Orange Patrol. I am a Nerf gun connoisseur and am proud of my collection. I'm tall, 5' 11", which makes me an easy target. At least my speed helps make up for it.

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