8. The Battle of Storms

Battle of Storms

A Drenching Day to Play Nerf Tag

At this battle, it was thunderstorming, and we knew a lot of our people would be kept away because of the rain. However, we had a good number of people come anyway, and it was a lot of fun. Dara came for the first time, using the newly repainted Stryfe gun that General Garrett had won at the Summer Competition. Although it was heavily raining when we first came, it died down for a while, which was nice.

The memorable events were as follows:

Jack Pinson shot quite a few people and only got shot himself once.

General Orange Patrol shot four people (Colonel Stingray, Mr. O’Connor, David, and General Jack) when he was the only one left on his team.

Christian withstood General Orange Patrol’s attacks for a long time in a bad position. (With help from Colonel Stingray, who blocked my shots with his gun!)

We enjoyed the rainy weather, and though it presented a challenge, it was a memorable experience.

-General Orange Patrol



About General Orange Patrol

I am the General of the Red team, Orange Patrol. I organize the Fallbrook Nerf Club battles along with my friend General Stingray.

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  1. That day was a lot of fun!

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