7. The Battle of Live Oak 6


Battle of a Thousand Guns

At this battle, we had some unexpected visitors: The Hollingers! We hadn’t seen them since the first battle of Live Oak, and we welcomed them back gladly. Elijah brought his long Nerf rifle and some other guns, which in addition to Jack Pinson’s many guns, David Blackburn’s, Ben and Grace Harvey’s, General Stingray’s and my guns, we had more than enough for everyone.

We played mostly Elimination, one round of Prisoner, and a game that was similar to Elimination, but the teams charged at each other. The Red Team won most of the Elimination games, but with the amphitheater battles we were pretty much even.

Some famous events were:

When General Stingray was against four soldiers on the red team, and he shot three of them.

When Jack Pinson Shot four opposing players. (He was voted Soldier of the Month for this)

When Private Pink Power (aka Kiki) fought General Stingray for a long time and we had to stop the game and call it a tie.



About General Orange Patrol

I am the General of the Red team, Orange Patrol. I organize the Fallbrook Nerf Club battles along with my friend General Stingray.

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  1. blank General Orange Patrol

    Oh, I forgot to mention that Mr. Blackburn ran through the entire Red Team and we chased him for a whole minute before he escaped. Pretty brave, isn’t he?

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