14. The Battle of Marches

We had a perfectly cool and sunny Saturday for this event. The sky was clear, the birds were singing, and Nerf guns were firing in Live Oak Park.

We had an excellent turnout, as nineteen people joined us: Brennen, Mr. Faelin, Nathan, Mr. Choy, Lydia, Christian, Nina, David, Mr. Blackburn, Daniel, Me (Frank), My Dad, Elijah, Mr. Hollinger, Garrett, Dara, Aria, Jeffrey, and Nolan. It was nice having the Hollingers join us again!

We played almost all Elimination, along with a round of VIP and a round of Charge. Brennen’s team won all of the elimination rounds, but my team managed to squeak out a win in VIP. No winners were announced in Charges.

Many people had excellent battles, so it was hard to pick a soldier of the month. Daniel and David both shot 6 people, and Brennen, Nolan, and Jeffrey all shot 5.

This was a fun battle, and we look forward to many more.




About General_Stingray

I am the General of the White team, Stingray. I organize the Fallbrook Nerf Club battles along with my friend General Orange Patrol. I am a Nerf gun connoisseur and am proud of my collection. I'm tall, 5' 11", which makes me an easy target. At least my speed helps make up for it.

7 thoughts on “14. The Battle of Marches

  1. blank General Orange Patrol

    That was a fun battle. Yeah, the Elimination battles were kinda weird because we oftentimes had less players and yet we won.

    • blank General Orange Patrol

      It’s the first time the red team won all the elimination battles. The White team one them all in the Battle of Cinco de Mayo I think.

  2. Not to be rude but we had girls which was kind of a set back for us. Every time we do elimination rounds we need to have at least 2 girls in each team. We also never made a battle plan or attack plan. We kinda did every man for himself which doesn’t work out at all in Nerf. Its kinda like making a pie without ingredients, it wont work out if you don’t have them

    • blank General Orange Patrol

      I thought the teams were pretty even. For tye first two there was an equal amount of girls on each team.

    • Realize Jeffrey that the all of the girls survived longer than I did….
      They shot more people than I did too.

  3. We also did not have a battle plan like Brennen did. That was our hugest mistake.

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