13. Second Battle of 2016


Well. We survived our second battle of 2016. We had a fairly large group. Nina came again after not attending a battle for about a year. We also had Christian, David, Jeffrey, Garrett, Dara, Aria, Lydia, Ben, Grace, Nolan, Daniel, Brennen, Mr. Faelin, Mr. Blackburn, my Dad and me. We played several rounds of elimination, one round of prisoner and one round of teams of two. My team won 1 round of elimination, and Brennen’s team won two. Aria was voted soldier of the month for the first time–Congratulations Aria!

The temperature was perfect, and we had no problems with rangers. All in all, this was one great day!


About General_Stingray

I am the General of the White team, Stingray. I organize the Fallbrook Nerf Club battles along with my friend General Orange Patrol. I am a Nerf gun connoisseur and am proud of my collection. I'm tall, 5' 11", which makes me an easy target. At least my speed helps make up for it.

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